Dwarf Goes Splat! Spider Goes Splat!
The Mindtaker dies!

Voyaging deeper into the dungeon, the Party find the first Cartographer, Bali Amberheart and release him from his cell, only to murder the Dwarf over some cross words. Agreeing to blame the Mindtaker, the Party journey deeper into the dungeon confronting the beast itself and destroying her eggs. In amongst the carnage, the Shardmind befriends an Abyssal Hulk.

Current Quests

Free the kidnapped Cartographers.
Destroy the library of black market memories.

Past Quests
Kill the Mindtaker and destroy her eggs.
Obtain the whereabouts of the missing Cartographers from Rama-Tut.

Deep Down In The Brain...

Venturing below the city of Memorium, the Party confront the enormous spider guard dog for the Mindtaker’s lair and its Drider handlers. Battling their way through Mindtaker Cultists and confronting their Mind Flayer master – who tried ever so hard to eat Klip’s brain, our heroes ready themselves to venture deeper still…

Lost memories and old enemies
Meet the Rappler!

After defeating the Brothers Merkin Head of Man assassins – in the burnt-down house of Rama-Tut, the Party continue to their meeting with Bor Amberheart and find the Rappler there also. Learning that the Mindtaker is breeding and thus needs the rich memories of the Cartographers to feed her young, our heroes agree to not face the beast and free the prisoners, but destroy the Spider’s eggs and the cult’s storehouse of black market memories.

At the House of Rama-Tut
Where the violence happened...

The Party arrive at the house of Rama-Tut and quickly dispatch both the Sphinx and his guards. While the beast attempts to parlay after much bloodshed, offering the contractor for whom the Head Of Man kidnapped the missing Cartographers for the dreaded Mindtaker. Satisfied with this information, Kubaba still acts on intent to kill Rama-Tut, who flees. On delivering the information to Disga Amberheart, however, the situation is deemed all the more grim than usual rivalry between the the Cartographers Guild and the Rappler and The Party are invited to the Cartographer’s Guildhouse the next morning to discuss further employ…

A new adventure begins
The past is forgotten...

The Party awake to find themselves in Memorium behind the Reminiscent, where they have fallen prey to the effects of the city. After a brief test of their abilities involving some Stone Giants, Disga Amberheart steps forward, offering herself as patron. Arranging for lodgings, healing and explaining the nature of the city, Disga outlines the reason behind the test: the Rappler has been using the Head Of Man to kidnap members of the Cartographers Guild. The Guild in response wants to send the Rappler a message with the rescue of the missing Cartographers and Rama-Tut’s death.


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