Memorium is a bounded plane all its own, a reality unto itself inside its own walls. A shifting place, Memorium roams from one reality to the next, seemingly at random. A city without gates, the only discernible way into and out of Memorium is over the walls – or for the city to simply appear around them. A mysterious thing, anyone who enters Memorium suffers a loss of memory, often awakening on the streets after simply finding themselves there. Indeed, most of the inhabitants of Memorium come that way, and eventually settle down and start new lives in the city. It is not simply that they cannot recover their memories and find their way home – typically, by the time this has happened, the city itself has moved on and while a few adventures return after journeying through the Shadowfel or Feywild to their homelands again, others who try are lost forever in stranger vistas still.

As a result, Memorium has developed an unusual currency: memories. The citizens of the city crave both linearity and history and the city itself eats at them – eroding the past. As such, an easy way to make ends meet is to trade ones memories and experiences to the Rappler, the memory-trader who will then trade it onto other people. The art of extracting and implanting memories is a difficult one, known only to the Rappler and his apprentices. As a result, the act has made the Rappler the most powerful being in Memorium – power challenged only by two others: the Cartographer’s Guild and the Mind Taker.

The Cartographers Guild meet the same desire for linearity and history as the Rappler does, albeit in a very different way. The Cartographers keep watch on the walls of the city – which they have loaded with telescopes, scrying orbs and other means of far-seeing and world-gazing. When Memorium changes location and reality, the Cartographers map all they see around them for as far as they can see. Through magical sendings and even by mere screaming from the tops of the towers, the Cartographers also gather the history and stories of the lands they encounter. Their vast library and museum hosts the fractured lore of over a thousand worlds. The Guild itself began as a hobby by Guri Amberheart of Memoriums native-born Amberheart Clan of Dwarves and it is headed today by Bor Amberheart the Third, who continues the family business. Generally speaking, the Catographers do not sell their memories but on the rare occasions on which they do, the countless years of lore from other Planes makes them more valuable than most – doubling or – for particularly old Cartographers, quadrupling – the price.

And then there is the Mindtaker, a giant Psionic spider who feeds on memories. Many suspect the Mindtaker is part of the unusual, memory-stealing effects of Memorium. Others suspect the spider is merely a symptom of it. Some wonder if, at all, if the Spider is sentient or merely a gluttonous beast. At any rate, the Mindtaker has spawned a much-feared cult, serviced by displaced Drow, Psions, Mindflayers and other… things. A constant threat to the city and its inhabitants, the followers of the Mindtaker are constant foes of both the Rappler and Cartographers. The entrance to the Mindtaker’s lair is well known to be within the sewers, below the city somewhere… Though none remember where exactly.


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